Natural Plot Line By Bobby Mathieson

EXHIBITION September 12th - October 20th 2018

*Opening Reception - Friday, September 14th 2018 - 7:00pm-11:00pm - (open to all)

In addition to the Opening Reception, we are also incredibly excited to announce that Mathieson will be creating art onsite at Betamax, on Wednesday, Sept 12th and Thursday, Sept 13th, from 12 to 5 pm. Bobby paints utilizing a technique called Alla Prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt) – creating each piece of art in one session.

More about the Alla Prima technique - Aka Wet into Wet:
The wet into wet painter has to work fast to complete their entire piece in one sitting while the paint is still wet and because of that they are somewhat obliged to translate what they observe of their subject as directly as possible. This type of painting technique benefits from an economy of strokes – each one meaningful and precisely intended. This not only prevents the piece from becoming overworked, but maintains a fresh vibrancy and the immediacy of the brushstrokes serves to exude the very soul of the subject being painted.

About Natural Plot Line

More Info Coming Soon!

About the Artist:​

Anyone who has met Bobby Mathieson is smitten immediately. He is energetic, earnest, sparkly and his paintings keep you coming back. When the director of Betamax Gallery, Rachel Zottenberg and her co curator, Art Consultant Christopher Fadden were plotting out their annual plan for Betamax Gallery. A list was made of artists they had always had wanted to work with. Bobby was at the top of this list! He is very much the whole package. A talented painter and also one of the most entertaining people you can ever lay eyes on.

Mathieson is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School (degree in Classic Animation) and Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in British Columbia (BFA). He currently lives and works in Toronto. He has had numerous solo exhibitions with Neubacher Shor Contemporary in Toronto, ON and has presented his work at art fairs such as Art Toronto, Art Southampton, AQUA Art Fair in Miami, FL, The Seattle Art Fair and VOLTA in New York. His work has also been featured in the Art With Heart auction as well as auctions at Angell Gallery for several years. Bobby Mathieson lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

Artist Instragram: @bobby_mathieson_​


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