Witch Ones - A Group Exhibition

​Exhibition Dates: November 17th 2018 - November 30th 2018

*Opening Reception: Saturday, November 17th at 7:00pm

About Witch Ones: 

Witch Ones - A group exhibition at Betamax Gallery presents artists whose work delve into the deeper and darker elements of the feminine, the girl, the woman, the mother, the witch. Witch has always stood for feminine subversive forces. We all possess the primal courage and strength of the witch.

About the Artists: 

Book Launch For Poet ALANNAH RADBURN
Alannah Radburn writes poetry in rainy Vancouver, under all phases of the moon. She shares Edgar Allan Poe's fondness for ravens and believes in the sisterhood of witches. 'excerpts from my exorcism' is a collection of poems inspired by themes that haunt the female consciousness: passion, patriarchal oppression, love lost and the untapped power of womanhood. It is Alannah's second book; her first ,'Yellow', chronicles love, loss and resilience from a feminist queer perspective.
You can see more of Alannah's work on instagram @alannahradburn.poetry
Alannah Radburn Poetry

Life, death and the underpinnings of mortality are curiously explored in Mia Dungeon’s work. Mia creates dark yet whimsical paintings as well as 3D shrine-like “skullptures” to honour the lives of those we have loved and lost. The animal skulls and bones that she features in her “skullptures” are ethically sourced from the woods throughout BC and from small-scale, sustainable farms where they were free to run wild. Mia honours and celebrates the lives of these incredible animals with the utmost respect and each skull has been inspected and permitted for legal possession. She utilizes recycled, discarded materials and skulls left behind by animals that have passed on. She breathes new life into these abandoned entities by adorning them with found treasures and vintage jewellery. Her 2D work and 3D work both explore the cycle of life and death, with a focus on hoping to capture a glimpse behind the elegant and raw veil of human existence.
Mia Dungeon
instagram @miadungeon

Somewhere in the dust and decay of life's forgotten travellers, artist Amanda Bullick sees a beauty that inspires creation.
Pondering the cycles of life, death and rebirth her works conjure a feeling of earthy connectedness as well as a sacred sense of magic; like altars honouring the dearly departed and the stories of their wild lives that they took with them.
The natural world, although it is all around us, never ceases to dazzle with its quiet secrets and mysteries.
Through photography, sculpture, jewellery & print, She wanders into those dim lit places, lighting the way for our hearts to follow in search of something grand and familiar.
Amanda's hand collects the ruins once inhabited by blood and breath and after ceremony is given to honour each creature's passing she leans into the wonder of transformation.
Nothing has been harmed in the process of making this art and it is all cruelty-free.
The utmost respect is held for these dearly departed friends and loving kindness is offered to them as they rebirth into art!
Brutally Beautiful
instagram @brutalbeauties

Violet is an artist and recent graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, BC. Her work consistently utilizes the body through objects and figures, such as mannequins, plastic toys, and real-life models. Violet shares her small studio space with 18 full-bodied mannequins, as well as countless loose limbs, torsos, busts and heads. Her work has evolved from an intense desire to collect things of interest, and she is inspired to use these and put them together to create a social commentary.
Violet Patrich
instagram @violetpatrich

Caitlin ffrench is a multidisciplinary artist living in east Vancouver. Her inspiration draws from the natural world and her relationship to her landbase. Caitlin wildcrafts and gathers natural materials to make inks and paints that she uses in her work.
Instagram @ffrench


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